Our expertises

Brush Painting

ATELIER PREMIERE’s signature brush finishes define our look

Our craftsmen deliver the best finish. From preparation to result, timing, techniques and processes are respected. Finishes are done by hand using all the traditional brushes.


ATELIER PREMIERE creates endlessly customized finishes and textures in wide range of colors.

The decorative ready mixed marble plaster can be directly troweled on the walls or ceilings, and on support such as sheetrock, concrete, wood etc. As strong as a stone, fire and water resistant, our decorative plaster is also sustainable.

Decorative Painting

French authentic know-how – ATELIER PREMIERE’s secret

Our qualified artists explore their creativity to obtain innovative artworks.
Adapting all traditional methods to modern demands, we keep in mind the environmental impact. Respecting the different support’s nature and history, we specialize in any style :

Faux painting  Ι  Trompe l’oeil  Ι  Murals


Using metallic powder with binder, we produce many motifs in different metal on any type of support :

• Stainless steel
• Zinc
• White gold
• Gold
• Brass
• Copper

We translate your vision into a real metal skin. 


This timeless technique remains relevant today in contemporary interior design. ATELIER PREMIERE approaches gilding with European traditional know-how :

• Palladium & white gold
• Gold leaf – 18, 22, 24 kt
• Copper leaf
• Aluminum leaf

Cordovan leather & Wallcovering

Our gilded leathers are manufactured from goat or sheep skins using vegetal tanning. These are at once resistant, fine (approximately 2 mm) and malleable, and are dressed on all four edges to allow connections. The skins are heat-embossed using engrave metal plates, precise reproduction of old plates.

ATELIER PREMIERE presents a range of decorative embossed leathers: gilded or painted by hand. From classical to the most contemporary style, any design can be created.

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