• Albertine, French Embassy

    Albertine, French Embassy

  • Albertine, French Embassy

  • Albertine, French Embassy

  • The Row, Flagship store, Madison Avenue

  • The White House

  • Boutique Karati

  • Private Residence


  • The Oval Office, the White House, Washington DC;
  • Albertine, French Embassy, New York;
  • The Row, Flagship store on Madison Ave, New York;
  • Balmain, Flagship Store, Melrose Place, Los Angeles;
  • The Palais Royal, Private Residence, Fort Lauderdale, Florida;
  • The Qatar Mission at the UN, New York.
  • Private Residence, 432 Park, New York
  • Private Residence, One 57, New York
  • Private Residence, 56 Leonard, New York
  • Private Residence, Bloomberg Building, New York
  • Private Residence, 110 Central Park South, New York
  • Private Residence, 740 Park Ave, New York
  • Private Residence, Field Point Circle, Greenwich, CT
  • Private Residence, Fisherman Island, Florida

Our famous very demanding clients ask us to work in all the finest buildings and private houses around, but also on private mega-yacht, private jets and countryside charming houses. It shows how serious and professional our work is and we sincerely thank them for their confidence and fidelity.

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Letter from the President of the United States
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Letter from the "Ambassade de France"